Our mission at ZIVI® is simple: to deliver the fit of fitness. We make quality clothes that don’t sacrifice comfort, function, or style. We blend performance fabrics and aesthetic cuts to make custom gear that looks good everywhere, is easy to wear anywhere, and doesn’t break the bank.

We don’t believe in oversized logos or flashy slogans. Your clothes shouldn’t hide you or overshadow who you are. Our clothes are built to work with you and highlight your hard work, wherever you may hustle, from the gym to the streets.

At ZIVI®, we believe in making the basics better. We chase perfection. When it comes to our apparel, we pour over every detail: materials, colors, drapes, and cuts. We consider and test every element. We put our clothes through hard work, workouts, nights out, nights in, and everything in between. And we only make the best.

ZIVI® means "living" in Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian, and our singular goal is to make quality clothes that fit your best life. We want you to be proud to wear ZIVI®. To feel good. To look good. To chase and achieve greatness, however, you may define it, with your head high and your heart humble.

We make gear that looks good and performs well for life—your life.