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1) Some workout is better than no workout!  

Just because you may not have all the variety of equipment you do at a traditional gym, don't fool yourself into thinking that all hope is lost.  Some kind of bodyweight workout daily will do wonders in maintaining muscle mass while you are training from home. 

2) Prioritize protein! 

A serving (20-40g) of protein every 2-4 hours will help make sure that your body is in a state of muscle protein synthesis which will help to maintain and possibly even make muscle gains.   

3) Use single limb exercises! 

If you are looking for the best way to make the most out of limited weight or bodyweight only, try doing your exercises on a single leg or using a single arm. You will be amazed at how challenging a controlled single leg squat can be. 

4) Avoid boredom eating! 

If you allow yourself to become bored, you may find it more challenging to stay away from unhealthy snacks.  Filling your body with junk will lead to excess body fat gain which could definitely hurt those gains. 

5) Try negative training!

The negative is the "down" part of a lift.  Since you are likely dealing with limited weight, try slowing down your reps for a controlled 4-second count on the way down each and every time. 

6) Stay hydrated! 

Keeping your body well hydrated will help ensure you are ready to smash those intense in-home workouts each day.  Aim to consume 1oz for every other lb of body weight.  For example, a 200lb person would aim for 100oz per day. 

7) Incorporate isometric training! 

Isometric training (also known as static training) is a great way to maintain muscle mass.  Simply hold the weight in a static position for a period of time and feel the burn.  A great way to do this would be a wall sit to burn up those quads. 

8) Eat more fiber! 

Fiber is very filling and will help to prevent any excess snacking that could occur due to increased hunger.  Try whole-grain products, plenty of green leafy vegetables and even some fruit like raspberries for high levels of fiber without the extra calories. 

9) Do more reps! 

Now can be a great time to do more reps while training with less weight.  Studies indicate that higher reps will maintain and every produce gains if you push near failure. 

10) Use caffeine to fuel your workout! 

Now is a great time to hit a well-rounded scoop of your favorite pre-workout 30 minutes prior to training.  It can be challenging to get motivated at home and a jolt of energy from a high dose of caffeine could be just what you need! 



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